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Proposed Development Plan Amendments – Public Consultation

The NPSP Development Plan contains the planning controls that guide what can and cannot be developed within the council area. The Development Plan is used in assessing and making decisions on development proposals.

A Development Plan Amendment (DPA) is a document that describes proposed changes to the Development Plan. Two draft DPAs have been prepared by the NPSP Council and were released for public consultation in late 2012.

Zones & Policy Areas DPA

The most important aspect of this DPA would be to replace NPSP’s seven residential zones with three zones. In doing so it identifies areas of the city where a significant increase in housing density will be encouraged, including areas in close proximity to key activity centres, transport corridors and the linear park where buildings up to four storeys will be allowed.

The DPA does make any policy changes to the Kensington Historic Conservation Zones but it will have considerable impact on large areas of NPSP. However the DPA does propose removing Local Heritage status from the two storey Edwardian red brick building at 296 The Parade (Dry cleaners at the intersection with Regent Place). This building is regarded as a contributor to the historic character of Kensington.

Kent Town and The Parade Strategic Development DPA

This DPA provides for multi-storey residential development of up to ten storeys in Kent Town and adjacent portions of College Park and Norwood. It also proposes changes for the portion of The Parade between Osmond Terrace and Portrush Road and the areas immediately behind to allow developments up to seven storeys. Residential development will be mostly in the form of apartments above ground level and first floor non-residential uses.

Both DPAs have been prepared in response to requirements set out in the Government’s 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide. This plan envisions an increase of about 500,000 in South Australia’s population by 2037.

KRA is in the process of reviewing both DPAs and preparing submissions. The first submission in response to the Zones and Policy Areas DPA has been submitted to Council and is available for viewing here.

At its February meeting, Council decided to extend the period for consultation by four weeks to 1st March and is proposing to hold three Information Sessions on 20th and 21st February. For full details click here.

KRA is currently working on a response to the Kent Town and The Parade Strategic Development DPA. Consultation closes on 22nd February. The submission will be posted on our website.

KRA is also consulting with other residents associations within NPSP in relation to these DPAs and with other inner suburban residents’ groups regarding the broader issues of high rise and high density development.

Residents are urged to view the proposed DPAs, they are available on Council’s website or hard copies may be obtained at the Town Hall. If you have concerns about the proposed DPAs and the effect on NPSP, consider making a submission to Council.