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Update on Planning, Development & Heritage Matters

Planning, Development & Heritage
Proposed Development Plan Amendments

In our February newsletter we reported on two draft Development Plan Amendments (DPAs). KRA made submissions to Council on both DPAs. The Zones and Policy Areas DPA submission can be viewed here and the Kent Town and The Parade Strategic Development DPA submission can be viewed here.

Zones & Policy Areas DPA

We suggested the development of a transport plan for NPSP to reduce the impact of vehicles and bring it up to the standard of other major cities before any population increase. We called for the protection of NPSP’s built heritage and the right of access to natural light and solar energy for properties affected by neighbouring developments.

We expressed strong opposition to the removal of Local Heritage status from the two storey Edwardian red brick building at 296 The Parade. A significant number of residents, including nationally and internationally acclaimed architects, lodged strong submissions arguing for the retention of Local Heritage status for this “flat iron” building, possibly the only one of its type in Adelaide. Read their submissions here.

Verbal presentations were made at two public meetings in support of KRA’s submission.

Kent Town and The Parade Strategic Development DPA

Similar concerns were expressed regarding the potential impact of development on heritage buildings and the streetscape. In addition, we drew attention to the visual intrusion and obstruction that would result from multi-storey buildings on Dequetteville Terrace overshadowing the parklands.

Interim Development Control Amendment Bill

KRA lobbied members of the Legislative Council to support Green’s MLC Mark Parnell’s Development Amendment Bill to prevent Ministerial abuse of the Interim Development Control provisions of the Development Act 1993. An example of the letter sent to each MLC can be viewed here.

Community Alliance South Australia

The Community Alliance represents about 30 organisations such as residents’ associations (including KRA), community and environmental groups. The Alliance:

  • Campaigns for ethical and transparent governance including the provision of genuine information to communities.
  • Lobbies for reform of planning, development and related legislation to ensure participative decision making with real community engagement.
  • Lobbies for sufficient resources for reform of compliance and enforcement of relevant legislation and regulations and procedures.
  • Acts as an advocate for residents’ associations and community groups in South Australia.

The Alliance aims to “Put People Back into Planning” For more information about the Community Alliance, visit its website.