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Peregrine Development Submission


Peregrine Corporation has lodged a development application to build a multi storey building on the site of its existing building at 270 The Parade Kensington (intersection of The Parade & Portrush Rd). The proposed building is effectively 10 storeys and will dwarf the three State Heritage listed buildings on the other corners of the intersection. The development has been declared a Major Development by the Government, in our opinion a misuse of the Minister’s powers as this type of development should be in the city or on Greenhill Rd. A copy of the public notice can be viewed by clicking the Public Notice link.

The site is in the Kensington Policy Area 6.7 in the NPSP Business Zone under the NPSP Development Plan 2016. To ensure orderly development in our city, development should be in accord with the Development Plan as recently approved by the Minister. The maximum building height specified in the NPSP Development Plan is 2 storeys!

Apart from the impact on the State Heritage properties it will severely impact upon the neighbouring Kensington Historic Conservation Zone with overshadowing, overlooking and traffic and parking issues. There are already parking issues in neighbouring streets with On The Run vehicles parked in both Kensington & Beulah Park streets some considerable distance from their office and no doubt there are also many employees cars parked in our streets.

Details of the application can be found at: https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/property-and-land/land-and-property-development/building-and-property-development-applications/major-development-applications-and-assessments/proposals-currently-being-assessed/270-the-parade,-kensington

Our Association has made a submission calling for refusal of the development application but we are concerned that the Development Assessment Commission will rubber stamp it despite it being clearly in contravention of the NPSP Development Plan. A copy of our submission can be viewed here.

We urge all Kensington residents to lodge an objection to this application.

Submissions must be lodged by 5pm on 24th October with:

Minister for Planning
Attention: Robert Kleeman, Unit Manager Strategic Development Assessment
Planning & Development, Development Division
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI)
GPO Box 1815 ADELAIDE SA 5000

or via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please provide our Association with a copy of any submission you make.