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Local Government Expert Panel Review

The Local Government Association launched an "Excellence Program in 2011" and created a Local Excellence Expert Panel to consider the future of Local Government (http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=2898).

The Expert Panel is chaired by former South Australian Government Minister and former Member for Norwood Hon Greg Crafter.

In August 2012, the Expert Panel sought submissions on the Council of the Future.

KRA submitted a detailed submission to the expert panel in October 2012 commenting on matters including: council amalgamations; compulsory voting; political involvement in local government; postal voting; the ward system, conflict of interest and planning. Other residents’ associations provided with a copy of the submission have commented very favourably on the content.

A copy of the submission may be viewed here.

All submissions will be collated and reviewed by the Panel and the Panel’s interim report will be released in April 2013 with a further opportunity to provide input.