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Rising Sun Inn - Application for Footpath Dining

Our February newsletter reports that the Rising Sun Inn was recently granted planning approval to use the footpath in front of the building for outdoor dining. As mentioned the development application was classified as a Category 1 development and there was no public notification.

Neighbouring residents have now been notified that the Rising Sun Inn has applied to the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner for an extension to their trading area to cover the footpath.

Click here for a copy of the Notice given to neighbours and a copy of Form 1 detailing the changes sought in the application.

Please note that any person may object to the application by lodging a notice of objection by 6th March 2013.

KRA would appreciate residents’ feedback on this application. All residents are welcome to respond and we would particularly appreciate feedback from residents living near the Rising Sun or those that feel they may be affected in some way.