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Coalition for Planning Reform

The Community Alliance, of which KRA is a member, has recently joined forces with the Conservation Council of South Australia and the National Trust to create the Coalition for Planning Reform (CPR). CPR represents 120 active community groups. CPR is calling for a moratorium on all major planning decisions by the State Government with a view to creating a new, more democratic, planning system. (Links to the CPR’s Communique and News Releases of September and November 2013 can be found at the end of this article).

The CPR is concerned that the Urban Renewal Amendment Bill is currently before Parliament without public consultation. (A link to the Community Alliance’s submission opposing the URA Bill can be found at the end of this article).

At the same time, major “rezonings” are happening under the 30 Year Plan despite inadequate community consultation.

Members of the CPR have lost faith in the planning system, and believe it needs fundamental reform. The current system seems geared towards fast-track ad hoc development that mostly fails to take into account climate change and sustainability principles.

The Coalition wants a new planning system that:

  • Adequately addresses term critical issues including sustainability, climate change, transport, infrastructure, food and water security, environmental aspects, biodiversity, social aspects, sustainable design, employment, heritage, health and economic viability;
  • Has genuine and meaningful community engagement;
  • Has transparent, accountable decision-making with an independent and open review process, resulting in outcome-based and enforceable commitments;
  • Reforms environmental assessment of development that currently falls outside of the normal processes; and
  • Reviews the 30 Year Plan or delivers a new planning strategy to replace it.

CPR Communique
CPR September News Release
CPR November News Release
CA Submission on Urban Renewal Bill

Expert Panel on Planning Reform

KRA recently made a detailed submission to the Expert Panel detailing some of our experiences with the current planning system and providing suggestions for a new planning system. The Community Alliance (CA), of which KRA is a member made a detailed submission on behalf of its 30 member groups. The Coalition for Planning Reform also made a detailed submission.

To view these submissions please click on the links below:

KRA Submission
Community Alliance Submission
Coalition for Planning Reform Submission


Local Government Elections

in June KRA wrote to the Premier, Minister for State/Local Government Relations, the Opposition, parliamentary representatives of each party and independent MPs requesting the postal voting system for Local Government Elections be abolished due to reported abuses of the system such as:

  • the theft of ballot papers from letter boxes so that they can be completed by supporters of a particular candidate
  • relatives and friends exerting undue influence on electors in completing their ballot papers

A copy of the submission can be viewed here.

Local Government Expert Panel Discussion Paper

The Local Government Expert Panel who undertook a review at the beginning of the year has released a discussion paper and are seeking feedback by the end of August. The discussion paper can be viewed here.

Our previous post on the Local Government Expert Panel Review can be found here.

Move to protect Kensington Pool

Following the 2012 KRA AGM a sub-committee was formed to ensure the preservation of a much loved asset and green space. The group supported a National Heritage nomination for the pool and this has been supported by the Norwood Residents Association and the Friends of the Norwood Pool.

View the nomination here.

Update on Planning, Development & Heritage Matters

Planning, Development & Heritage
Proposed Development Plan Amendments

In our February newsletter we reported on two draft Development Plan Amendments (DPAs). KRA made submissions to Council on both DPAs. The Zones and Policy Areas DPA submission can be viewed here and the Kent Town and The Parade Strategic Development DPA submission can be viewed here.

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