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Proposed Development Plan Amendments – Public Consultation

The NPSP Development Plan contains the planning controls that guide what can and cannot be developed within the council area. The Development Plan is used in assessing and making decisions on development proposals.

A Development Plan Amendment (DPA) is a document that describes proposed changes to the Development Plan. Two draft DPAs have been prepared by the NPSP Council and were released for public consultation in late 2012.

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Public Rally against High Rise Development - Monday 18th February

Do you want multi-storey apartment blocks of up to 10 storeys, and possibly higher, encircling the parklands along Greenhill and Fullarton Roads and Dequetteville Terrace, along Linear Park and The Parade?

In response to concerns about the government’s proposal to impose high rise development along Greenhill and Fullarton Roads, Burnside Residents’ Group has organised a protest rally.

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Rising Sun Inn - Application for Footpath Dining

Our February newsletter reports that the Rising Sun Inn was recently granted planning approval to use the footpath in front of the building for outdoor dining. As mentioned the development application was classified as a Category 1 development and there was no public notification.

Neighbouring residents have now been notified that the Rising Sun Inn has applied to the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner for an extension to their trading area to cover the footpath.

Click here for a copy of the Notice given to neighbours and a copy of Form 1 detailing the changes sought in the application.

Please note that any person may object to the application by lodging a notice of objection by 6th March 2013.

KRA would appreciate residents’ feedback on this application. All residents are welcome to respond and we would particularly appreciate feedback from residents living near the Rising Sun or those that feel they may be affected in some way.

Local Government Expert Panel Review

The Local Government Association launched an "Excellence Program in 2011" and created a Local Excellence Expert Panel to consider the future of Local Government (http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=2898).

The Expert Panel is chaired by former South Australian Government Minister and former Member for Norwood Hon Greg Crafter.

In August 2012, the Expert Panel sought submissions on the Council of the Future.

KRA submitted a detailed submission to the expert panel in October 2012 commenting on matters including: council amalgamations; compulsory voting; political involvement in local government; postal voting; the ward system, conflict of interest and planning. Other residents’ associations provided with a copy of the submission have commented very favourably on the content.

A copy of the submission may be viewed here.

All submissions will be collated and reviewed by the Panel and the Panel’s interim report will be released in April 2013 with a further opportunity to provide input.

Kensington Pavements and Trees

The KRA committee is in the process of surveying the condition of footpaths and the state of street trees in Kensington.  Our aim is to present a report to Council which will inform their maintenance staff of our streets.  If you have concerns about the condition of pavements or street trees, you can leave a comment below.